The Boyfriend Tag.


Hello Loves, well Pens down, this is probably one of the most fun post I have ever written… its more like writing a post through someone’s mind if that even makes sense… its 2253 hours and am trying to have this post down before I doze off… Whats a boyfriend post to be exact?  It’s […]

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A Touch Of Beige


  Hello Loves, I hope your all fine and I’m officially ready to settle down , my blog has been undergoing a lot of shaping and trimming and for the love of me every tome that I think am done something doesn’t seem to look right, and in the process I think I developed a […]

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Revamping Up


Hello Loves, Just a brief update, First and foremost, for all you who have been responding to my emails and sharing your thoughts with me I truly appreciate. Your contribution not only mean a world to me, but also fuels my mojo, HA!. In the past week or so I have been busy updating the blog and […]

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