Advice for College Grads!!


Hello Love, As you all Know I recently got my Masters Degree…2 months later and I still don’t believe the accomplishment is Mine… and as a recent Graduate, I thought I should write a post on Advise for College Graduates… I hope you all enjoy this post as Much as I enjoy writing… I will […]

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100 Questions No One Ever Asks


Hello Loves, Seems like Forever, I missed you all so much & TGIF… how have you all been since Sunday?… feels longer though, from the last time I Blogged… I was up on YouTube seeing whats good and I came across this 100 Questions Nobody ever asks, On Sharon’s Channel and I was so moved into blogging my personal […]

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Spend a Sunday With Me


Hello Loves, My Computer hates me!! its official, I had written this article that am about to re-write now and I was transferring my photos from my phone to my pc and I don’t know what happened my work disappeared Bloody hell!! and it’s not even in the draft section aghhhhh….Aaaaanyways is it me or […]

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